The Most Iconic Golf Masters Tournament Moments Ever

A golf ball on a green.

The Masters Tournament is one of the four Majors golf tournaments, and over time, there have been many legendary moments that will be cemented in the history of the sport. These moments are filled with tragedy and triumph as some of the greatest golfers took their place in history and shook up the golf betting world. 

We’ll be taking a look at some of the most iconic moments in one of the most prestigious tournaments around and proving to you that golf is a game that requires an immense level of skill.

What is the Masters?

The Masters is a golf tournament that takes place in the first full week in April at the Augusta National course. This is the first major tournament of the year and it’s always held at the same location. The tournament has a rich history and many traditions, such as the green jacket, the champions’ dinner, and an honorary tee shot.  

Many famous golfers have played in the Masters and only a few have won the tournament more than once. One of the main reasons for the Masters being such a prestigious tournament is that the winner of each tournament has a standing invitation to compete for the rest of their lives.

Iconic moments

There are plenty of iconic moments in sports history, but when it comes to golf, specifically the Masters, these moments are more than just Hail Mary shots and close games. Below are some of the most historic events that have taken place in the tournament.

1.Horton Smith wins the first tournament

In 1934, the Masters was known as the Augusta National Invitation Tournament. The first event was won by Horton Smith of Missouri as he edged out Craig Wood by one shot. Bobby Jones, the course designer and co-founder of the tournament, managed to finish 10 strokes off the winner.

2. The shot that was heard around the world

In the second Masters tournament, one of the most incredible shots was taken. This was labeled “the shot heard ’round the world,” as Gene Sarazen pocketed a shot from 235 yards to claim a double-eagle on the par-5 15th hole that took place in the last round. Sarazen then beat Craig Wood the following day in a 36-hole playoff making it one of the most memorable games of golf at the Masters.

3. Ken Venturi’s collapse

Ken Venturi was one of the amateurs who were expected to become top golf players in the 1956 tournament. While he led the tournament, he somehow managed to hit an 8-over-par 80 on Sunday. This was enough for Jack Burke Jr. to close an eight-shot gap and beat Venturi by one stroke. This is arguably one of the worst losses to take place at the Augusta golf course.

4. A costly signature

A golf scorecard with a golf glove and ball.

While Ken Venturi may have bottled a strong lead, in 1968, Roberto De Vicenzo was set to enter a playoff with Bob Goalby. Unfortunately, De Vicenzo’s pairing partner, Tommy Aaron, incorrectly marked a “4” on the scorecard for De Vicenzo on the 17th. The correct score was a birdie (3), and De Vicenzo didn’t pick up on the mistake and signed off on the card, which made it official. This error gave Goalby a one-shot victory instead of a draw – one more reason to always check your golf scores.

5. The final round run

Gary Player is known to be one of the greatest golfers of all time, and his 1978 final round is one of his most memorable performances. The South African golfer started the final round at eight strokes off the lead; however, he made a birdie on seven of his 10 holes, which gave him a 64-point finish on top of the clubhouse leaderboard. 

6. Jack Nicklaus’ back nine

Also known as the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus played a memorable back nine to claim his sixth Masters championship in 1986. Nicklaus managed to rally 30 for the last nine holes to become the oldest player to win the Masters, at the age of 46, with a shot ahead of Greg Norman and Tom Kite. 

7. A world-class chip shot

In 2005, Tiger Woods battled Chris DiMarco in a playoff round to claim his fourth Masters title. This is where he executed one of the greatest chip shots of all time at the par-3 16th on Sunday. The shot flew slightly over the green, but it then made a 90-degree turn to slowly make its way back and fall into the hole. This moment was met with a huge round of applause. 

8. Tiger Woods’ return to the Masters

After a long time away from the sport, a 43-year-old Tiger Woods returned to Augusta in 2019 and secured his fifth Masters title. He managed to beat Dustin Johnson, Xander Shauffele and Brooks Koepka by one stroke, which made him the second-oldest winner in the history of the event. This was one of the most emotional moments in his career for him and his fans. Online sports betting fans would remember that he didn’t have the best odds to win the tournament. 

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