Top Tips for Fantasy Football

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The dictionary will have you believe that strategy is a plan of action that is designed to ensure the desired outcome occurs. Sounds about right. When it comes to fantasy football, everybody – seasoned veteran or newbie – needs a strategy to win. A few fantasy football tips can go a long way to building a strong strategy.

We’re here to help. For a cringe-free season, keep scrolling and take note of our top fantasy football tips so that you get the fundamentals of your strategy just right.

Draft Your Running Back Early

When it comes to fantasy football, don’t underestimate the importance of snagging a quality running back. It makes a world of difference and can make the likelihood of you winning the league tip in your favor. What’s more, most NFL teams set up with one running back and two wide receivers so there’s a significant drop-off in quality once the top guys are drafted.

If you’re worried about missing out on good wide receivers or quarterbacks by chasing a quality running back in the first round, you don’t have to worry. You will still be able to get decent players who will get the job done later in the draft. The same can’t be said for running backs. Once the good ones are gone in fantasy football, they’re gone.

What would you be missing out on exactly? Let’s put it in perspective. The good running backs get the ball almost 5 times more than good wide receivers catch the ball. Consistency is what you want to count on for a season and good running back will get you more production than good wide receivers.

Wait a Little While for Your Quarterback

Good things come to those who wait and unlike the real thing, there’s no need to rush to get ahead of the pack and score a great quarterback in one of the first rounds. Quarterback picks are relative in fantasy football. Depending on the number of teams in the league you won’t necessarily end up with a bad one. For example, if there are 10 teams in the league, the bottom of the barrel is, in reality, the 10th best quarterback in the NFL.

This means that you can look forward to good picks from even after the fifth round. Haste makes waste in this case. Wait a while.

Play It Safe First, Roll the Dice Later

Production. This is the be-all and end-all of the players you pick. Rather than chase the running backs who might deliver superhuman production, focus on drafting guys who will get you consistent yardage and touchdowns. It is a make or break decision.

Later on in the season, however, it’s worth rolling the dice on a gifted player who hasn’t necessarily proven that he can deliver consistently. The trick is to get a few of these players on your roster and hope that at least a couple of them make the magic happen. It might just win you the league.

Plan Ahead and Draft a Backup

We’ve been banging on about running backs for some time now and we’re not done yet. Rest assured that quality running backs get played plenty and are at risk of getting injured. Using your late-middle round pick to draft a backup will be money well spent.

Don’t Dwell on Defense or Kickers

Sebastian Janikowski kicks football on the field

Let’s tackle the defense first. If you have bagged skill players that you know will deliver and churn out the performances you need, you’re in a good place. Now, what if the opportunity to get a good defense presents itself in the middle rounds? If it does, go for it — but if not, don’t lose sleep over it because the effectiveness of defenses these days is more dependent on the matchup than the quality of the defense itself.

Now for the kickers. Generally speaking, kickers account for a very small portion of a team’s points. What’s more, their output is predicated on the team and chance so it’s difficult to gauge what kind of return you might get. Ultimately, there isn’t much difference between kickers.

Save those grey hairs for the other parts of your strategy.

Rookie Receivers: Avoid, Avoid, Avoid

This is going to sound harsh, but your reputation is at stake here and we promised we would help. Rookie receivers don’t deliver. Only once in a blue moon do you come across a newbie wideout who delivers in their first season. Avoid. That is all.

Buy Low, Sell High, Look Long

Patience makes a difference and if it’s not your strong suit, you’ll need to work on it if you want to win. If your top running back gets off to a shocker of a start, keep the faith and be patient. Don’t ship him off for the flash in the pan who got a good run of luck but will fizzle out in the next week. Assess how likely the run of bad form is to last with your star running back by seeing whether anything fundamental such as his health has changed since you picked him. If not and the team is still showing faith in his ability to produce, then hold on.

Alternatively, if you have a running back who is delivering unexpectedly well in the first few weeks an assessment still needs to be made. If the great form is a by-product of poor opposition then it might be best to ship him out while his value is at its best.

Houston Texans vs Oakland Raiders, player with ball tackled by opponent

Schedule Versus Star Power

There is no hard and fast rule here because it can be a grey area. Getting the best out of your players in fantasy football is as much about their ability to perform as it is about who they are up against. This is why you simply can’t ignore the schedule when putting together your lineup for the week. That being said, even in the face of difficult opposition, you can’t disregard the impact and potential of a star player. They can turn the tide and beat the odds against the very best.

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