5 Iconic Signature Moves by the NBA’s Current Stars

A player with a basketball dribbles the ball.

A good online bettor knows which signature moves to keep an eye out for. These moves are more than just tricks and flair; they lead to points and dunks that can turn a bad prediction into a surprise win. What makes a good signature move? Speed, agility and creativity all come into play, but the most important aspect of a timeless signature move is its ability to showcase a player’s unique skill, style and personality. 

In this post, we’re not paying homage to all the incredible signature moves of past legends, such as Magic Johnson’s no-look pass or Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s dizzying skyhook. We’re looking at the moves of current stars and new kids on the block who are still creating B-ball history. 

These moves might range from game-changing to mind-boggling, but they all make basketball betting and NBA bets all the more interesting. 

1. Luka Doncic’s change of pace

Luka Doncic, a former MVP and the youngest star on our list at 21 years, offers teams his elite offensive game. Luka is known for his unparalleled skip and wraparound passes, so you might find it surprising that his signature move would be slowing down? Although changing pace might not sound like much of a signature move, that’s exactly what makes it so ingenious. 

Luka displays excellent control in his ability to change speed in a second, often slowing down during his dribbling to confuse defenders. Those familiar with his effect on online basketball betting odds are prepared for what comes next. He follows with a first step that gets him ahead of the defense, where he can dribble to a jump shot or an assist.

His weapon might be slowing down, but his career seems to be on the fast track. Doncic has managed to secure a Top 5 spot only two years into his career. 

2. Kevin Durant’s 62

A basketball player jumps to put the ball in the net.

To be fair, Kevin Durant’s signature moves deserve a list of their own. Whether it’s the crossover, the drop-step fade-away, or the aptly named Durantula Dunk, they are all testament to the fact that he is the league’s most versatile player. His successful career and celebrated return have made him a key feature for online sports betting.

For this list, we’re choosing the crowd favorite “stop and pop,” which Durant himself calls the 62. The stop and pop is a quick and deadly jumper in Durant’s arsenal, which allows him to shoot with immense speed, leaving time on the shot clock. Although this play requires a team effort, Durant occasionally shows initiative and creates the shot off the ball.

A great feature of all Durant’s signature moves is the evident influence from all-star players like Michael Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant. 

3. James Harden’s step back 3

Does this deadly move leave you asking, “How is this even legal?” You’re not the only one. Harden’s step back 3 is actually a clever exception to the NBA traveling rule. It involves a careful gather step where he gathers the ball, followed by two steps. It’s a shot he’s mastered so well that opposing teams began to start guarding him against the back to prevent it. 

Though many players might be familiar with the move, Harden holds the record for performing the most step back threes last season, followed by Doncic. A tight guard or long defense hasn’t always been able to stop Harden from pulling the signature move off successfully. 

4. Stephen Curry’s passes to…himself?

A game with Stephen Curry always leaves NBA odds up in the air. But any wise bettor knows it’s always best to bet on the NBA’s best shooter. This move, from record-breaking shooter Stephen Curry, is another one finding loopholes in the rulebooks. Curry is known for his revolutionary, or some may say rebellious, playing style. This off-ball movement follows that brand. The move can be referred to as a give-and-go or a relocation. It depends on Curry’s unbelievable ability to rush to an open spot on the floor after passing the ball there, achieving a secondary assist to himself. Opposing players have to change their plays, knowing Curry can speed to any spot on the floor in an instant.  

The move makes for an entertaining game and more open shot opportunities. We checked the rulebook, and the notorious move counts as a secondary assist. And, in our opinion, as an incredible signature move. 

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Eurostep dunk

A basketball player dribbling the ball on the court.

How did a trick as common as the Eurostep become identified with a 27-year-old player with only a decade in the NBA? Players commonly use the move on fastbreaks or close to the rim, giving ball handlers a chance to sneak over and earn a layup. However, Antetokounmpo reinvented the move.

Aided by his 7’3″ wingspan and immense power, Antetokounmpo somehow found a way to take an already difficult move and transition it into a dunk. The player claimed the move by consistently using it to fly above defenders and land the shot. The Eurostep dunk is a common finish for Giannis, who always keeps his balance as he swiftly changes direction. He then commands enough power to soar through the air for the point.  

The young talented player has given the move the reboot it deserves and is now one of the NBA’s most decorated players so early in his career. 

Though some of our picks may be controversial, none of them is undeserving of icon status. It’s these signature moves that allow each player’s skills, athleticism and creativity to collide in a performance that becomes part of their legacy. Not only that, they keep all the people watching NBA betting lines guessing. 

What stops these expected moves from becoming repetitive and predictable? It must be the undeniable genius and mastery behind them. Thanks to them, the game is always full of surprises, whether you’re watching from the court or the online casino. 

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