A bowl of popcorn sits on a table in front of a TV.

Iconic Sports Movies that Need Sequels

There have been many great sports films throughout the years, but some were so great or so entertaining that many would love to see a sequel. We share some of our favorite sports films that we’d love to see followed up.

Evening at a Formula 1 racetrack.

Our Predictions for the 2nd Half of the 2021 F1 Season

With more than a dozen F1 Grand Prix fixtures still set to delight fans and sports betting enthusiasts alike, we’re giving you our predictions for the second half of the season. So, take your starting positions, and let’s get on with it!

Stock car racing driver Kyle Busch waves a checkered flag in the air.

NASCAR Betting Tips for Beginners

Want to know more about NASCAR racing? We take a look at the sport, and look at most popular types of bets for NASCAR, as well as provide some helpful tips and suggestions of betting strategies for beginners.